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Rise Higher

Feb 25, 2020

In this episode I’m talking to Dan “Nitro” Clark about how he rose to fame in American Gladiator, despite a childhood marked by trauma, alcohol abuse, and drug use. Dan reminds us just how deceptive appearances can be as he describes how “broken” he felt even when it looked to the rest of the world that he had everything we’re supposed to want: money, fame, incredible physical fitness, and even his own action figure!  Dan proves that with the right mindset, inner healing, and support, we can bounce back from anything, even a heart attack which Dan had back in 2013. That heart attack was a catalyst for him to break free from being a “some day” guy to living on purpose and taking inspired action every day. So, If you’ve ever found yourself saying “some day” to the things you want to experience or to accomplish, this episode is the perfect kick up the butt to start living your life right now! For full show notes and episode resources head to