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Rise Higher

Apr 23, 2020

Do you feel like your brain has been serious overdrive lately? A stream of clutter of fear, doubt, confusion, worry or overthinking turning your mental space into a chaotic mess? I know this whole quarantine sitch from the Coronavirus and all the uncertainty of the future has been wrecking havoc in our minds. When we’re caught up in our heads, distracted by worry, overthinking or fear, we’re not present or clear-headed. And when we’re not clear-headed, we lose the connection to ourselves, to others, our environment, and our lives. Mental clutter pulls us off center, depletes our energy and disrupts our inner balance and harmony. If your mind is frantically waving a red flag, begging you to free up some headspace by clearing out the head-trash, then make sure you get your earballs on today’s episode. I lead you through a guided hypnosis that will give you a little boost to declutter your mind to create more calm, clarity, focus and peace. For full show notes and episode resources head to