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Rise Higher

Jan 7, 2020

Former NFL athlete, international speaker, author and shift coach, Anthony Trucks defied painful odds, and created his own destiny. Anthony was given away at 3 years old into the foster care system and experienced an extreme amount of horrific abuse that no child ever should. He endured beatings, starvation, and different forms of torture all before the age of 6. He was in foster care for 8 more years before being adopted into a poor all white family as the only black person. In the years following, he continued having crazy shifts in his life like becoming a teen parent, losing his self-defining career in the NFL to an injury, having twins at 25 in an unstable marriage, coming close to suicide at age 28, getting a divorce, fully changing careers to try a new venture, losing his adoptive mother and father, remarrying his ex-wife and more. As you’ll hear today, Anthony didn’t let his past define him. He called the shots for his future by digging in deep to heal and creating powerful identity shifts that brought him from former foster child to pro-athlete, to one of the most highly regarded speakers and trainers in his industry. We don’t always have a choice to the homes we’re born into and how we’re raised, but we always have the opportunity to rewrite our future. You’ll hear how Anthony ultimately built a deeply fulfilling life and an incredible level of success when all the odds were stacked against him. For full show notes and episode resources head to