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Rise Higher

Oct 22, 2019

Have you ever struggled with grief and moving forward in a productive way? Or have you ever wanted to increase your productivity to become ridiculously efficient? If you've said yes to one or both of those questions, then you're going to love this episode with Marissa Brassfield, integrator, storyteller, and secret weapon for visionary entrepreneurs. Marissa honed her skills working under the mentorship of Peter H. Diamandis, serving seven years as "Operations Goddess" at his PDD Ventures. She also co-created Diamandis' annual Abundance 360 executive mastermind and leads the experience and content design for annual January summit. Today, Marissa does a vulnerable deep dive into her personal grief process that she went through when both of her parents passed away within 14 months of each other as she was in the midst of building her incredible career. Marissa shares how this experience was a catalyst to connect with her true authentic self, and how she used work and creativity to move forward through this time of growth and healing. And because Marissa is the Goddess of Operations and being ridiculously efficient, of course we've got her giving some badass productivity tips and how to tap into your own superpower so you can become ridiculously efficient too! For full show notes and episode resources head to