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Rise Higher

Apr 23, 2019

Ready to banish self-doubt and start living the life you want? I’ve got the ultra-empowering and badass Lisa Bilyeu, co-founder and President of media company Impact Theory, and co-founder of the billion dollar brand, Quest Nutrition. Lisa shares how she went from housewife to co-founding Quest. She gets raw and real about transforming her insecurities and challenges in the early days building Quest. Lisa is super candid and honest in how she talks about entrepreneurship, hard work and how to create and live a life on your terms. She shares some of the most significant tests and milestones she’s faced throughout her career including her current journey to take care of her health. Lisa also provides an in-depth take on the power of mindset, how to overcome any hardship to be triumphant, confident and deeply fulfilled. For full show notes and episode resources head to