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Rise Higher

Nov 5, 2019

Have you ever been told that you don’t have what it takes to accomplish your biggest dreams? If you have, then you are going to love this episode with hip hop dancer, Amanda LaCount! When Amanda was ten years old, a studio director told her that her body type didn’t “fit his vision” for his dance team and she was kicked out. You’ll hear how she used that judgment as fuel to rise even higher to become the well known hip hop dancer, actress, choreographer, singer, model, and influencer that she is today.  Amanda has danced with some of the biggest names in show biz like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Lizzo, and she’s proof that YOU decide your future, not the opinion of someone else. Because Amanda’s experienced countless ignorant comments about her body, she’s on a mission to celebrate body diversity and acceptance through her body positivity movement #breakingthestereotype. If you’re ready to break through any doubts, judgments or setbacks to achieve your dream, you’re going to love this episode. For full show notes and episode resources head to